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Developing tools to make intelligent decisions on the field in Senegal

Gustavo Nocera Santiago is an Engineer at the Digital Tools, Geospatial and Farming Systems Consortium (DGFSC) from the Sustainable Intensification and Innovation Lab (SIIL), developing practical tools to help policy makers to make better decisions and increase their productivity.

Ana Carcedo, a postdoctoral researcher from the DGFSC, gathered information about environmental, productivity, human, and economic aspects from Senegal. After receiving all the information provided, Gustavo built an app through a framework named ShinyApps, which uses R and Python.

Farmers will use the app to visualize and understand all the information in a more friendly and easy way so that they can make better decisions.

Gustavo explained, "In the app, users can combine different aspects from Senegal, such as environmental, productivity, human and economical by characteristics, years and districts".

The app filters the data according to the user's selection, reads the R data, and translates it into charts.

For the following steps, Gustavo said, "we are planning to make videos to explain how this app works so users can understand it, and they can download the CSV and access other valuable information."

To conclude, Gustavo expressed, "I'm pleased to work on this project. I always imagined working to put together the knowledge and gathered experience into high-quality products to make things for agronomists and farmers, so they can produce more to guarantee food security. In this project, I have the opportunity to accomplish my life mission earlier than I thought".


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